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Moscow Racer (2009)

Moscow Racer (2009/RUS)

Year: 2009
Genre: Avtosimulyator
Developer: IRS Games
Platform: PC
In Russia Release date: April 15, 2009
Russia Publisher: Akella
Publication Type: Undergraduate
Tabletka: Temporarily Unavailable
Language: Russian
Size: 6.37 GB
Russian site:


Racing market, this, you already realize the virtual Moscow and hasspread on the street, the developers for not much more real by Moscowwill be different. Promised racial dynamics in the city streets,traffic tie score, arcade and simulation, nice graphics and a goodrate, OG V12 engine and many other nice things demonstrated Engine.

* Moscow Racer - The most extensive experience with the game combines racing with high realism simulation
* Players in the race car is waiting for a heavy flow - cars, trucks, buses, government motorcades for ...
* "Cut" Skills for trails on sidewalks, streets, etc.
* Games Stunt Dirt lot of situations: automatic through fence holes, rail, etc. have to go jump
* Technology-based world of the realistic physics and the Ageia �PhysiX takes into account more than 50 parameters for each machine
* In Moscow more than 10 trails of the most famous areas: Garden Ring,the Kremlin embankments, Kutuzov Avenue, Third Ring, Rublevka highway -detailed information about each region's history
* More than 10 machines - from powerful business supercars sedans before killing
* Top quality and 100 car show in detail the framework, so - thanks to the graphical engine V12 technology IntelliLOD RG
* Special Training mode, repeat the full training avtogonschikov real

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